Get ready for your dream career – and study in one of the best cities in the country for the gaming industry.


探索你的选择——上课、实习、研究和出国留学. 找到你感兴趣的, 发现你的所爱, 并创建一个主要的经验,快速启动你的未来使用 电子游戏开发专业指南

作为电子游戏开发专业的学生, 你将学习创造游戏过程的每一个阶段:构建一个概念, 原型设计, 叙述设计, 资产创造, 测试和发布. 你将精通互动叙事技巧, 游戏设计和游戏音频, 你将学习战略性的软件平台.

但是,同样重要的是,你将学会如何思考和适应. 游戏是一个瞬息万变的行业. 软件工具, 游戏引擎, favored scripting languages and even business models will evolve between the time you start college and when you graduate. 在圣. 爱德华的, 你将学会如何适应环境, so you’re never stuck clinging to one technology or an outdated idea of what consumers want.

你将运用在奥斯汀学到的东西, 全国第三大游戏开发中心, home to small indie developers to such global competitors as Blizzard Entertainment, 电子艺界, 确定, 云帝国游戏, Daybreak游戏公司, 由NCSoft, ZeniMax /贝塞斯达, Kabam, 战争博弈.net、Retro Studios、Devolver Digital和Aspyr Media.


电子游戏开发专业的学生可以从事各种各样的职业. 爱德华的. 这里有一个例子.

  • Atlassian Corporation PLC的技术支持工程师
  • 艺电的副制作人
  • 盒子, Inc .的用户倡导者.
  • Aspyr Media的QA测试员
  • IndieDEVCAMP的助理主任
  • 星星集团的初级移动应用程序开发人员

St. 爱德华的 电子游戏开发 majors are also accepted into top graduate programs, 包括新大市政厅, one of the first and most prestigious graduate programs for game design in the United States.

有关视频游戏开发专业的更多信息,请联系 罗伯特·丹顿·布莱恩特他是该项目的负责人. 电子游戏开发专业是 视觉研究系


一个学生从圣. 爱德华的工作使他从学生成长为知名的电子游戏设计师. 读他的故事.


作为一名电子游戏开发专业的学生, you will divide your learning between hands-on game development and conceptual creativity. You’ll create both discrete assets and playable games in our design and development classes, 使用行业标准的游戏创作软件工具. You’ll learn from accomplished professionals who visit campus to share insights about the industry.


在交互和模拟游戏设计, you’ll explore the fundamentals of play: its needs in human behavior and expression in games. 你将学习桌面游戏,并开发自己的纸上原型, 强调游戏/测试/迭代方法.

In your Senior Game Studios, you’ll work in teams to develop a video game for an outside client.

每学期结束的时候, you’ll show off your work – and have the humbling experience of watching other people play your game – at a Game Fair. This student showcase brings together all 电子游戏开发 students for a party in the game lab. 邀请你的朋友和家人来玩你的游戏并提供反馈, 花点时间玩同学们一直在做的游戏. 在本学期的最后一堂课上, you’ll decide how to determine which pieces of feedback from the Game Fair to use and how to incorporate those changes into your game.

Outside of class, the “Meet the Makers” series brings accomplished industry veterans to campus. 你将向以下演讲者学习并与他们建立联系:

  • 原intelvision程序员Bill Fisher
  • St. Edward的校友和游戏设计资深人士Sheri Graner Ray是《 性别包容性游戏设计:拓展市场
  • 来自Fireside Games的桌面游戏《Castle Panic》的开发者Justin De Witt说道
  • 漫画作家和跨媒体故事讲述者珍妮特·哈维
  • Working professionals from Bungie, DC Comics, Rooster Teeth, Team Dogpit, SXSW Gaming and Worldwalker游戏.


Studying abroad is a chance to immerse yourself in another culture and have an adventure. You can also learn more about game design and production through a semester at Abertay University in Dundee, 苏格兰, one of the first universities in the world to offer a game development curriculum. 阿伯泰是圣. 爱德华的 partner university and offers one of the best game programs in northern Europe.


游戏开发是社区服务? 你说对了. You’ll help a community organization design and develop an educational game to advance its mission. 电子游戏开发专业的学生致力于平板游戏 Monstralia, produced by Austin’s 健康Start基金会, which helps children develop healthy habits. Monstralia 会教三到八岁的孩子良好营养的重要性吗, 健身, 照顾好彼此,照顾好我们的星球.

You also will combine volunteering with networking at events like the Austin Game Conference and Classic Game Fest.