ESTEEM is an innovative 11-month entrepreneurship master’s program with the University of Notre Dame

St. 爱德华的 is partnered University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana to give St. 爱德华的 students a unique chance to enhance existing scientific, 数学, engineering and technical skills through a sound introduction to business 和 commercialization of innovative 科学 and technology. 

不像传统的MBA, an entrepreneurship master’s focuses on the direct application of business skills to an entrepreneurial environment. 尊重(工程, Science and Technology 创业 Excellence Masters Program) sets itself apart from other entrepreneur master’s programs by putting students in the middle of real-time startup development. 

  • Learn specific skills required to launch a business
  • Complete a capstone thesis project with a faculty mentor to take a product from concept all the way to commercialization
  • Thoroughly evaluate technology used in industry
  • Develop a go-to-market strategy, including a complete business plan and full financial forecast
  • Take advantage of Notre Dame's wide network of investors and alumni for help launching ventures inspired by capstone projects. 

Two annual spots in the 11-month program are reserved for our graduates. 优秀奖学金.

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The graduate program aims to prepare students to conduct business that benefits people, the planet and profitability through sustainable business models. 

What do students go on to do after ESTEEM?
  • 20% of ESTEEM graduates are involved with or have launched their own startups
  • 34% of ESTEEM students go into consulting post-graduation
  • 35% of graduates play an intrapreneurial role at large tech and healthcare companies as well as non-profit organizations
 "I found ESTEEM of particular value in working cross functionally across multiple disciplines. The program emphasizes technical depth with industry depth. This core skill set is of tremendous value to anyone with a background in a technical field."  Courtney Parry, '10 ESTEEM Grad, is consulting with Deloitte


The professors chosen to lead students through the immersive experience ESTEEM promises are equally dedicated to the 科学s as well as the study of innovation, 创业与商业. Representing a wide range of engineering, 科学, 商业纪律, these professors serve as instructors, 导师, and sounding board as students exp和ir horizons and explore their future possibilities. 

St. 爱德华的 University Point of 联系

教授. 保罗•沃尔特 

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