Build the knowledge and skills you’ll need in any career working with people.

The 教育研究 minor will help you understand how people learn and how you can make a difference through teaching, 研究或宣传. This minor prepares you for an educational career outside of the traditional classroom. The coursework and internship experiences will support your individual interests and career plans. 

Prepare to go into social work, counseling, law, higher education or public policy. You’ll learn about the current issues and debates in the education field and get ready to tackle injustice. 研究生 with the confidence to lead and the drive to create a more just, inclusive society.

 For more information on the 教育研究 minor, please contact Associate Professor of Secondary Education 史蒂夫·弗莱彻.

What types of jobs are there for those with a minor in 教育研究?


  • 得老师
  • 成人教育工作者
  • 职业及技能培训师
  • 项目开发经理


  • 少年司法辩护律师
  • 社会正义倡导者
  • 社会工作者
  • 残疾人权益倡导者


  • 和平队研究员
  • 美国志愿队或城市年度志愿者
  • 非营利组织的项目经理


  • 说客
  • 研究分析师
  • 国会助理


  • 学术顾问
  • 职业顾问
  • 招聘人员
  • 大学招生人员

Early Education (Non-certification)

  • 幼儿园或日托经理
  • 私立幼儿教师
  • Develop charter school or online school
  • 日托或辅导服务的老板

What skills will I acquire with a minor in Education Studies?

The skills learned as an educational studies minor will prepare students for a multitude of different professions in the education field. Through the time in the  educational studies program, students will learn:

  • 批判性思维的技能
  • 沟通技巧
  • Organizational and analytical data gathering
  • A deep understanding of social issues within the education field
  • 领导 and decision-making abilities
  • 解决问题的能力
  • Strategic thinking and action planning
  • 团队合作和管理技能
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in a professional setting
  • Effectively debate and present theories

What is the coursework required for a minor in Education Studies?

Students can expect to take various courses ranging from foundations in teaching courses, 学习过程, understanding the role of technology in education, and working with special populations. Intensive internship experiences tied to coursework will blend practical and theoretical learning and give the learner incredible experience in their chosen area before graduation. 课程内容包括:

EDUC 1330 Schooling, Education and Society

EDUC 2332 Educational Technology Integration

EDUC 4334 Curricululm and Evaluation in the Secondary School

EDUC 4365专业实习


EDUC 2331 Learning Processes and Evaluation

SPED 2324 Introduction to Special Education