Learn how to translate the “big data” generated in biological and health research into knowledge that improves human health.


探索你的选择——上课、实习、研究和出国留学. 找到你感兴趣的, 发现你的所爱, 并创建一个主要的经验,快速启动你的未来使用 生物信息学专业指南.

作为一个生物信息学专业的学生, 你将学习计算机科学课程, 计算生物学, 数学, 统计学与化学. Dive into research and project-based coursework alongside your professors, 并在本科期间进行专业水平的研究.

Take advantage of the 野生盆地创意研究中心, an Austin nature preserve managed by St. 爱德华的, where 生物信息学 students have conducted research on — for example — the fungal microbiomes of native plants. 并与奥斯汀不断发展的生物技术产业建立联系, where companies are using bioinformatics to develop solutions to problems in agriculture as well as genetic testing and personalized medicine.


生物信息学 majors go on to a variety of careers and graduate schools from St. 爱德华的. 这是我们最近的毕业生正在做的一个例子.

  • 在CDK Global和Dell EMC工作
  • Completing a 计算机科学 graduate program at the University of California Davis as the Integrated Computational Entomology fellowship recipient
  • 生物信息学硕士课程. 路易斯大学生物信息学, 获得美国国家科学基金会BITWISE奖学金
  • 波士顿大学的研究生, 圣路易斯大学, 中佛罗里达大学和德克萨斯大学达拉斯分校


St .的本科生研究. 爱德华将学生与专业导师联系起来, encourages them to take on new challenges and helps some find careers they never imagined. 读到 五名学生,其中包括一名生物信息学专业的学生他的研究就是寻找答案.  


作为一个生物信息学专业的学生, you’ll have many opportunities to develop your lab and computer science skills in your classes and through research on campus, 在野生盆地创新研究中心工作, 以及全国各地的实验室. 你也可以利用在奥斯汀的实习机会, 生物医学研究和科技产业的纽带.


你的基因组学实验室是基因组学教育合作伙伴关系的一部分, a nationwide collaboration of more than 100 universities that trains undergraduates in research methods. As part of their coursework, students annotate the genome of a fruit fly. The work of students in this course has twice been published in a scientific journal.

生物信息学 is a project-based course in which students apply their programming skills (Python) to a variety of problem sets. 在本课程中,你将开发代码来解决生物学问题.



Students with an affinity for teaching and mentorship can assist younger students by serving as teaching assistants. 在圣. 爱德华的, 所有课程都由教授授课, 但学生助教帮助指导和领导学习课程. You’ll expand your communication and people skills by helping other students learn the material.


圣. 爱德华的 chapter of the 德州科学院 supports student research, 包括演讲和出版的机会. 成员们还会在科学方面提供指导,并完成其他服务项目.