The 宗教与神学研究系 at St. 爱德华的 is focused on providing 学生 with a comprehensive approach to the study of religion and theological inquiry. 

Courses within this department explore the history, thought and ongoing development of global religions with attention also to Christian theology. 在他们的学习过程中, 学生 investigate the meaning and purpose of life through a close examination of religion. Core courses provide a solid foundation in the discipline, and the ability to select from a diverse selection of courses allows 学生 to pursue their particular interests. These courses help 学生 develop faculties for critical thinking and in attaining a historical view of religion. 

学生 who graduate from programs within the Department of 宗教及神学研究 will be prepared for graduate school, 非营利性的机会, 教学, 部委和各种专业角色.


The 宗教与神学研究系 constructs a dynamic space to explore theology and religious studies with faculty who are passionate about their field, educating their 学生 and serving the larger community.


Our 学生 learn to think critically and creatively about their religious tradition as well as the traditions of others, developing an ability to explore the “big questions” of human existence.  学生 do this by engaging religion in its historical, 文本, 神学和文化层面.


我们支持并塑造圣. 澳门葡京网上赌场’s 任务 through our service and leadership to the campus community.


The faculty are committed to their ongoing disciplinary immersion and to shaping that discipline through engaging colleagues and 学生 in critical conversation, 原创研究及发表.  We model for 学生 the scholarly life and invite 学生 to participate with us in this endeavor.


We provide pastoral and educational service and leadership to the church and faith communities.  We support our 学生 as they contribute and emerge as leaders to their faith communities.  


Returning 学生 majoring in 宗教及神学研究 and 天主教的研究 who have completed the FAFSA may be eligible for the Lillian Cervenka Endowed Scholarship and the Kinsella Trust Scholarship. 学生 with questions about these awards should inquire with St. 爱德华大学财政援助办公室.

教师 & 工作人员


Theta Alpha Kappa (TAK)

Theta Alpha Kappa is the national honor society for Religious Studies and Theology. It is the only national honor society dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate 学生 and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology. Theta Alpha Kappa has grown to more than two hundred chapters nationally in four-year educational institutions ranging from small religiously affiliated colleges to large public research institutions. 


Nostra Aetate讲座

The Nostra Aetate lectures are inspired by Nostra Aetate, a groundbreaking Catholic document issued more than 40 years ago, 在梵蒂冈第二届大公会议结束时. The document expressed a commitment to interreligious dialogue and an appreciation for diverse faith traditions. 它劝告天主教徒“认识到, 保存并促进美好的事物, 精神与道德,“遵守世界宗教的人. The work that the document called for continues in many parts of the Catholic 教堂, 这个系列讲座反映了圣. 澳门葡京网上赌场’s commitment to foster and promote interreligious dialogue. The lectures are sponsored by the School of 艺术s and Humanities and 校园部 at St. 澳门葡京网上赌场.

最尊敬的约翰·麦卡锡系列讲座 on the Catholic 教堂 in the 21st Century

St. 爱德华的 created this lecture series to honor Bishop John McCarthy, 从1985年到2001年领导奥斯汀教区的人.  The series presents a rich and academic dialogue about the past, present and future of the Catholic 教堂 and underscores the university's commitment to its Catholic roots and Holy Cross Heritage.  多年来, the series has brought some of the most influential Catholic voices from the around the nation and world to our campus


我们的校友, 学生, and faculty are constantly pursuing opportunities both within and beyond the academy. A new departmental newsletter will be available soon.